3rd August, 2023.

I hope you’re all well on this very sunny Thursday afternoon. (Well, it’s sunny where I am, anyway.) I have three things to talk about today… because this is turning out to be quite a chockablock, jam-packed week.

Firstly, last Sunday night I was lucky enough to attend the TV Week Logie Awards as a guest (for the first time since 2007!) rather than its writer, because Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell was nominated for Most Outstanding Comedy Program AND Most Popular Comedy Program!

But we lost both of those. Ah well, C’est La Logie…

Shaun was also nominated for the Gold Logie and Most Popular Presenter… but unfortunately, he didn’t get to take home either of those trophies either. Despite all this, we all still all managed to have a great time at AustralianTelevision’sNightOfNightsWhenTheBrightestClichesComeOutToShine…;

Then, the very next night (Monday), I found myself on stage at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall in front of 2,300 people, doing a John Cleese impression… for John Cleese.

Hmm, perhaps I should provide a bit of background to this…

Back on July 19th, I was one of the writers – and one of the roasters – on The Australian Roast of John Cleese, a live event at Crown Palladium that was shot by Channel 7, and which will be airing some time later this year, as a 90-minute special. (Don’t worry – I’ll tell you exactly when as soon as I know. Just try and stop me!)
Anyway, after that show, I got talking to John and to his tour manager, and John invited me to come up on stage with him on the second of his Melbourne shows! It was a truly joyous experience, where I reprised some of the stuff I did in the roast. It got some good laughs… including some from the man himself!

Of course, taking photos at this event was strictly prohibited.
I’m so glad my friend took one anyway.

Me making John Cleese laugh on stage, in front of 2,300 people. Whatever you do, don’t tell 14-year-old me; this will blow his tiny mind.

And finally today, I wanted to tell you about an exciting thing I’ll be doing this Saturday night (August 5th) in North Fitzroy. It’s a Variety Night to raise funds for refugees, and I’ll be doing a 10-minute slot, in which I plan to condense my 50-minute Comedy Festival show Letters From My Heroes down to a very abridged, pared-back, stripped-down 10-minute version.

… but still with a Big Musical Finish.

Can I do it?! Am I crazy to try? Is it even possible?! To find out, please consider coming along on Saturday night. It should be a great gig and it’s all for a very, very good cause.

Tickets and information can be found right HERE!

And that’s it for this update! Thank you for reading this far, and I’ll talk to you again soon (if I don’t see you on Saturday night). And if I DO see you on Saturday night, please come over and say Hi. I’m generally quite friendly, as a rule…