Lots of people do podcasts these days. And I’m no exception! My good friend Bill Ten Eyck and I have started a podcast called The Funny Thing Is…

Every so often, we’ll bring four FUNNY THINGS to the table (they could be movies, books, TV shows, songs, stand-up routines, websites, or any one of a thousand other things from all over the world), and tell you a bit about them. And if we happen to veer off into behind-the-scenes information or ‘brush with fame’ anecdotes… please forgive us!

You can find the podcast HERE

and you can find the show’s website HERE (at http://TheFunnyThingIsPodcast.com).

I also have a few friends who have their own podcasts. Sometimes they’re kind enough to invite me onto them. Here are some of my faves!

Firstly, there’s Ed Dolista’s brilliant IndyCast – the web’s #1 Indiana Jones podcast:

Don’t get clever Boris, you don’t know Episode 171!

IndyCast: Episode 184

IndyCast: Episode 285

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And then there’s Sammy Petersen’s Confessions of the Idiots: a weekly comedy podcast where Sammy and two guests discuss some… well, some confessions of some idiots.

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 30

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 44

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 69

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 85

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 98 (* There’s a bit of adult content in this one!)

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There’s also Luke Gibson’s The Artiste, which is a more in-depth, one-on-one interview show, where Luke interviews some really fascinating creative people about their careers. He’s interviewed me too, for some reason…

The Artiste – Episode 7

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I’ve also popped up a few times on Brose Avard’s Chatflix: a great film discussion podcast.

Ep 60: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Episode 118: This is Spinal Tap

Episode 160 Quiz Show with Stephen Hall

And this interview for the Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive podcast was fun too (and really rather Fawlty-centric)…

S02E07.5 – Stephen Hall (Basil Mark II)

The Bazura Project is a long-running, and very funny, sketch show about all things cinema-related. It’s the brainchild of Luke Zachariah and Shannon Marinko, and it started life as a TV show, but now it’s morphed into a podcast. I was chuffed when they ask me to play a Russian film director in this episode…


And I was honoured to be invited to be part of Damian Callinan’s LIVE final episode of the Bodgy Creek Community Podcast, playing a French ghost who’s having a bit of an existential crisis…