Lots of people do podcasts these days.

I don’t. But I do have some friends who do. And sometimes they’re kind enough to invite me to be on them. Here are some of the ones I’ve been on.

Firstly, there’s Ed Dolista’s brilliant IndyCast – the web’s #1 Indiana Jones podcast:

Don’t get clever Boris, you don’t know Episode 171!

IndyCast: Episode 184

IndyCast: Episode 285

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And then there’s Sammy Petersen’s Confessions of the Idiots: a weekly comedy podcast where Sammy and two guests discuss some… well, some confessions of some idiots.

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 30

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 44

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 69

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 85

Confessions of the Idiots – Episode 98 (* There’s a bit of adult content in this one!)

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There’s also Luke Gibson’s The Artiste, which is a more in-depth, one-on-one interview  show, where Luke interviews some really fascinating creative people about their careers. He’s interviewed me too, for some reason…

The Artiste – Episode 7

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I’ve also popped up a few times on Brose Avard’s Chatflix: a great film discussion podcast.

Ep 60: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Episode 118: This is Spinal Tap

Episode 160 Quiz Show with Stephen Hall

And this interview for the Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive podcast was fun too (and really rather Fawlty-centric)…

S02E07.5 – Stephen Hall (Basil Mark II)

The Bazura Project is a long-running, and very funny, sketch show about all things cinema-related. It’s the brainchild of Luke Zachariah and Shannon Marinko, and it started life as a TV show, but now it’s morphed into a podcast. I was chuffed when they ask me to play a Russian film director in this episode…

Radio Free Cinema – Episode 2